In the first edition of the "Folklore Table" show in May, we are going to celebrate St. George's Day properly. In many places in Bulgaria, festivals are held on May 6th and there is a great national rejoicing. On the festive table there should be ritual bread, green salad and roast lamb.

You can expect three interviews, in which masters of breads from different regions of Bulgaria reveal their recipes and describe the special decoration and symbolism of their breads. You will also see the recipe for a special holiday salad, suitable for St. George's Day meal, as well as how lamb is prepared and baked in the oven.

In the second episode in May, the focus will be on food, but in different historical periods. We will start with the specifics of the medieval Roman cuisine, then we will talk about the traditional one from the Renaissance - rural and urban, and finally we will get to the socialist one.

The entire third edition of the show in May will be dedicated to the Day of the Savior or Ascension. This year, "Spasovden" is on May 25th, therefore, on the eve of the holiday, we will tell you about the traditions and customs associated with this day. And since it is the day of confectioners and bakers - we will also show you two recipes for holiday cakes - for a wedding and for a baptism - two of the most significant events in the life of every person.

The last May show of "Folklore Table" is dedicated to the Feast of the ritual bread, which was held in the Ethnographic Museum of the town of Dolna Oryahovitsa. In the "Ethno-finding" part of the show, we will present the Folklore Choir "Trakiya" at the Thracian Society "Dimitar Madzharov" from the town of Kardzhali.

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