EuroFolkTV Channel today

From Satellite to Web

The EuroFolkTV library is considered among the widest existing collection of folklore videos, both is quantitative and qualitative terms, with over 8.000 clips from the most relevant worldwide.

At the end of 2010, in order to enable its library to become more accessible, EuroFolkTV began to digitalize its archive of folklore shows and events, which runs from 1998 to the current days and includes circa 30,000 videos, and published it, as “Premium Partner”, on YouTube.

Through such operation, EuroFolkTV has became an even more fundamental service of online consultation of folklore and lifestyle contents available to the industry professionals, the students of folklore and dance academies and all their lovers and followers.

The video presentation on the YouTube channel, occurs with modern cataloguing criteria, kept in constant updating.

A vast archive which is updated every season with contents from all the most prestigious events of the fashion industry and makes EuroFolkTV the ideal partner in the branch. As a matter of fact such tool enables to realize very rapidly insights on any topic of this industry, through original videos, backstage, interviews and accurate comparisons and analyses.

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