According to its definition an event is a form of local communication, aimed to whom participates in the first place. However a well organized event finds its audience peak thanks to the media appeal that is able to generate. Recording events, giving that glamour touch to the impression of who appreciates it a posteriori is the plus which EuroFolkTV guarantees to its customers.

From the interviews to the management to the shooting of the performing artists, from the brand to the launching product, from the celebrities to the guests, EuroFolkTV will be able to maximize the efforts of the organization, providing a quality testimony to use as promotion or historic memory of your events.

EuroFolkTV realizes videos (and photo shooting)  to use as promotional or editorial purpose. If the target is a video portfolio, EuroFolkTV will provide the realization of the video and the cutting of the credits given to us. It is also able to create or develop your website and a YouTube channel that will represents you.

Corporate Videos

An official video is a business card that distinguishes your firm. However place for filming and the way of cutting must be suitable to the message you would like to instill in your audience.

EuroFolkTV realizes official videos, whether it has to presented the whole firm or a single product, with the same attention applied to satisfy the demands of the great fashion brands. The services which EuroFolkTV makes available to its customers involve:

  • Creativity
  • Creative and editorial credits
  • Story-board production
  • Video shooting
  • Audio and dubbing records
  • Music advice
  • Animation and 3D
  • Post-production and editing
  • Refining and coversions

TV Productions

The EuroFolkTV library is considered among the widest existing collection of folklore videos, both is quantitative and qualitative terms, with over 8000 clips and TV shows, concerts from the most relevant worldwide.

Monthly EuroFolkTV studios make out 24 weekly TV shows for television.

Made TV films have been broadcast in PBX Access line-Moscow, Moscow-Kanal Capital, Tokiyo VISION, Swedish National TV, Bulgarian national TV and many others.

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