In the third week of June, "Folklore Table" is dedicated to Enyovden (Saint John's eve) and herbs. In the Bulgarian festive calendar, the feast is celebrated on June 24. The holiday coincides with the summer solstice, therefore many of the beliefs and customs are related to the sun and its cult. There will be many songs, rituals and dances, as well as an interview with Kitka Kirova - a herbalist from the village of Michaltsi, Pavlikeni region.

You can also expect to see the recipe for bread Slantse (Sun), presented by Donka Salieva from the village of Staro Zhelezare, Hisarya region.

In the last issue of the show in June, we put emphasis on the traditional agricultural activities of Bulgarians - the harvest. On this occasion, the edition will feature many authentic harvest songs. We are ready to explain to you what it is - sarp, palamarka, sporchi, chakam, rumanya.

Watch the show, because there are plenty of folklore dance performances included!

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