Since 1998 a leading manufacturer of folklore contents.

1998 – the beginning. Video filming of the concert programs of Stara Planina Fest “Balkan Folk”.

1999 – starts the weekly television show for Bulgarian folklore „Balkan Folk” (to September 2020 – with 1012 editions)

2000 – start the shows: Children`s world „Balkan Folk” - daily show with children folklore performances; „God bless us” - show for the Bulgarian for Bulgarian religious and folk holidays (to September 2020 – with 988 editions); „Songs for the soul” – show for patriotic, tourist, old and new urban songs (to September 2020 – with 972 editions). Film - „Cosmic harmony”.

2001 - Children`s world „Balkan Folk” transformed into „Izvorche” (“Spring”) - week show for folklore, performed by children (to September 2020 – with 940 editions).

2002 – musical film „European folklore in the land of Orpheus”; overview film for Stara Planina Fest “Balkan Folk 2002” – „Festival №1 in Europe”, broadcasted by the Swedish national television SVT.

2003 – films - „Folklore mosaic”; „Ecotourism in Bozhenitsa”; „The fortress Urvich, Municipality of Botevgrad”; „Memory” – film regarding 125 years of the release of Bulgaria of Turkish rule. The film was a gift to the Russian president Vladimir Putin at his visit in Bulgaria, on the peak of Shipka, and was broadcasted on the National Russian television.

2004 – films - „Folklore morning”; „The folklore heritage of Bulgaria”; „Veliko Tarnovo - Tsarevgrad”.

2005 – film for the architectural reserve „Arbanasi”.

2006 – started the work of Internet streaming channel „EuroFolk” with 24-hour program.

2007 – „Bulgarian dance folklore”, covers all ethnographic regions of Bulgaria.

2008 – started the week show „Treasures of Bulgaria”, in which are discussed the demographic, social, economical and political problems of Bulgaria and the world (200 editions).

2009 – started „Folklore table” – week show, which focuses on the traditional cuisine of Bulgarians  (to June 2021 – with 594 editions).

2012 – biographical film „Bay Mityu – one of the legends of Zlataritsa”; „Municipality of Zlataritsa – the new golden discovery of the Bulgarian tourism” - the film was created in connection with the project "Development of tourism and marketing strategy and improvement of tourism infrastructure in Municipality of Zlataritsa”, by article "Encouragement of tourism activities" of the Programme for Rural Development for the period 2007 - 2013.

2013 – biographical film „Iliyan D. Nikolov – the man, who never stopped believing in his people” (2 parts). Started the week television show „World folklore art” (to June 2021 - 405 editions).

Since 2002 to this moment, the studio “Euro Folk” produces overview films for all editions of some of the biggest musical festivals in Bulgaria and abroad - Stara Planina Fest “Balkan Folk”, Black Sea Fest „Euro Folk”, International festival for traditional arts “Euro Folk – Russian Island” -  Moscow, International Folkloriad „Euro Folk”, International folklore festival „Euro Folk – Black Sea”, International Folklore Festival „Euro Folk – Nishavski horovod” - Dimitrovgrad, Serbia, International folklore festival „Euro Folk – Songs at three borders”, National Championship for folklore arts „Euro Folk”, Balkan Championship of folklore „Euro Folk – Jiva voda”, European Championship of folklore „Euro Folk”, World Championship of folklore „World folk”, International pop-music contest for young singers „Silver Yantra” and more.

Studio „Euro Folk” possesses a rich fund of video recordings of concerts, festivals, public events and celebrations, election campaigns and more. It is a producer of more than 130 hours of video clips of amateur and professional performers, among whom Mimi Ivanova and Razvigor Popov, Zlatka Stavreva and „Nestinari” Orchestra, Vasil Minchev, National School for Folklore Arts “Filip Kutev” Kotel, Children an youth folklore ensemble „Bulgarche” and Professional ensemble „Iskra” Veliko Tarnovo, Ensemble „Stoyu Shishkov” Asenovgrad, Ensemble „Atomic” Kozloduy and hundreds of others singing groups and dance ensembles – from Petrich to Balchik and from Kula to Sinemorets. Among the foreign performers with videos, made by „Euro Folk” are Moscow State History-ethnographic theater – Moscow, Russia; Ensemble „Rancho du Doro Litoral” – Porto, Portugal; Ensemble for Folklore dances „Smolyanochka”, Smolensk, Russia; Children's dance ensemble „Sir simekhtere” – Nyurba, Yakutia; Folklore choir „Yavir”, Obuhov, Ukraine; Ensemble for folklore songs „Volnitsa” – Liepaya, Latvia; Vocal-instrumental ensemble „Rozmarin” – Leskovats, Serbia; Quartet „Kento Kordash”, Italy; Folk theater „Solntsevorot” – Rostov-on-Don, Russia; Ensemble “Poloniya” – Chicago, USA; "Promyki" Folk Dance Ensemble - Poland, Academic choir “Rozhdestvo“ – Tver, Russia, KUD Horvati – Zagreb, Croatia and many more.

Among the annual productions of studio „Euro Folk” are the shows „Zavilo se vito horo” with folklore humor and musical performances; “120 minutes of chosen video clips”; films for the customs Christmas Eve and Christmas, Lazarovden and Easter, reproduced in different parts of Bulgaria; films, dedicated to the activities of different folklore groups and community centers from the whole country and others.

Impressive by their volume and quality television productions of musical and documental films, shows, video clips, concert records and advertisements are regularly broadcasted by dozens of cable, satellite and Internet televisions. Longstanding partners of studio „Euro Folk” are „New Bulgarian Television”, „Bulgaria TV”, „Travel TV”, „Heros TV”, the streaming channels  „Euro Folk” and „Rodina” and dozens of others. Part of the television productions are broadcasted on almost all national televisions in Bulgaria, as well as televisions in Japan, Russia, Sweden, Germany, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland and many more.

Individual titles from the television productions of studio „Euro Folk” have participated in different contest, like Film festival in Cannes, France; Festival for television and internet products – Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria; Film festival „On the East coast of Europe”, etc., and have won many certificates and awards.

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