In April, in the Folklore Table TV show, we talk about the most revered Bulgarian spring holidays - Lazarus Saturday (Lazarovden) and the Palm Sunday (Tvsetnitsa). On this occasion, songs, dances and recipes, thematically related to Lazarus Saturday and the Palm Sunday will be presented in the first episode of April.

The second edition celebrates Easter, focusing on folklore traditions and recipes characteristic of the holiday. We paint eggs, knead and make kozunak, and cook Easter Turkey.  

In the third issue of the month, the focus of our attention is the Seventh National Scientific Seminar "The Thracians and Wine", which this year took place in the town of Melnik, as well as one of the emblematic recipes of Melnik, which of course is prepared with good local wine.

The latest April episode shows a few dishes from Melnik and many folklore performances from the regions of Sandanski and Petrich.

Let's prepare rich festive meals together!

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