In the first issue of "Folklore table" TV show in March, we will introduce you Mrs Galya Chohadzhieva - an ethnologist who we will talk with about nutrition during the long Great Lent. The "Ethno finding" part of the show includes one of the oldest recipes in the region of Pavlikeni town - "Raki po karaysenski".

The second issue of the show in March includes the recipe for "gyuzleme" made on the Samovoska charshia in Veliko Tarnovo, and then you will see its authentic option made in the Belitsa village, Haskovo region. Expect a very interesting recipe from the Rhodope village of Lyaskovo. It is called a "rogatnik" and is very similar to a gyuzleme. The "Ethno finding" part of the show includes the meeting with Evgeni Penchev, who are going to present us an ancient woman's costume from the region of Veliko Tarnovo.

Watch the show in the last days of winter as well!

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