13 February 2020

Separate in two editions, the TV show "Folklore table" will show you how to prepare eight traditional meals for the region of Ruse. Do not miss to learn the receipts for the meals: Baked onion; Meal "Chobanska", "Tsvetentsa", "Madzhun halva", "Kombasta", "White bulgur", Fried "Piperentsa" and Chicken with plums and rice.

The culinary excerpts will be rotated with musical ones. The viewers will enjoy the performances of the Group for authentic folklore "Hartsoyki" at "Trudolyubie 1884" Community center, Byala, Ruse region. They are leaded by Milena Koleva. The show also includes vocal performances of Folklore group "Zornitsa" at "Trudolyubie 1884" Community center, leaded by Korneliya Aleksandrova. 

You can watch the TV show's editions in the second and third week of March.