24 February 2020

The winner of the "The song of 2019" rankings is "Shopska kitka" which is part of the first video album of the Youth folklore group "Ot izvora" at Gotse Delchev 74th Secondary school - Sofia, produced by the team of EuroFolkTV in Arbanasi (Bulgaria). Art director of the group is Margarita Chorbadzhiyska. 

Rankings was held for the 19th time and the results were announced in the second February's edition of the "Balkan folk" show. Decisive for the ranking were the votes of the viewers, who chose their favorites based on the presented twelve songs, which won our monthly charts in 2019 - "Song of the month".

According to the viewers' votes, the second position is taken by the song "Devoyko mari hubava" performed by Ensemble for folklore songs "Kitka sharena" - Katuntsi village (Bulgaria). Ensemble is leaded by Evtim Zaykov.

Third position of the 2019's rankings is for "Tornala mi e Elitsa" which is part from the video album of Folklore ensemble "Izvorche" from Krumovgrad (Bulgaria). Art director of the group is Rositsa Dibekova. 

There are two incentive awards in our Annual Ranking system. This year, they were awarded to young performers and were divided for individual performance and for group performance. The award for individual performance is for Ivelina Andreeva from Glogovo village (Bulgaria) and her song "Geno le" that won the chart in March.

The second incentive award is for the songs "Oz dolu idat" performed by the young talents from the Folklore choir "Trakiyska mladost" at Lyuben Karavelov Secondary School - Plovdiv (Bulgaria).

The aforementioned distinguished songs were selected by the respective winners for each of the twelve months of 2019:

  • January 2019 - "Bre, Petruno", performed by Female vocal group for processed folklore "Avligite" from Tetovo village, Ruse municipality (Bulgaria)
  • February 2019 -  "Oz dolu idat", performed by Folklore choir "Trakiyska mladost" at Lyuben Karavelov Secondary School - Plovdiv (Bulgaria).
  • March 2019 -  "Geno le", performed by Ivelina Andreeva from Glogovo village,  Teteven municipality (Bulgaria)
  • April 2019 - "Tornala mi e Elitsa", performed by Folklore ensemble "Izvorche" from Krumovgrad (Bulgaria)
  • May 2019 -  "Devoyko mari hubava" performed by Ensemble for folklore songs "Kitka sharena" - Katuntsi village, Sandanski municipality (Bulgaria)
  • June 2019 - "Momino tsveke", performed by Tsveta Strahilova and Mariya Stoyneva Duet - soloists at Children's-youth Folklore Ensemble "Graovche" at Center for support and personal development, Pernik (Bulgaria)
  • July 2019 - "Vecheryai, Rado", performed by Vocal group "Usmivkite" from Ravno pole village, Elin Pelin municipality (Bulgaria)
  • August 2019 - "Shto mi e milo em drago", performed by Vocal trio "Perunika" at "Probuda 1907" Community center from Tetovo village, Ruse region (Bulgaria)
  • September 2019 - "Yunache ludo i mlado", performed by Female folklore group at "Orfey 1947" Community center from Erma reka village, Zlatograd municipality (Bulgaria).
  • October 2019 - "Shopska kitka", performed by Youth folklore group "Ot izvora" at  Gotse Delchev 74th Secondary school, Sofia (Bulgaria)
  • November 2019 - "Kuchiyka ticha", performed by Female folklore group "Slavey" from Zhabokrat village, Kyustendil region (Bulgaria)
  • December 2019 - "Lyube Tudoro", performed by Quartet "Gabrovo" from Draganovtsi village, Gabrovo municipality (Bulgaria)