1 July 2021

In the last issue of "Folklore table" TV show in June, we will discuss the details regarding the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul (Petrovden). At the end of this month, on June 29, the Holy Church celebrates at the same time the memory of the great apostles Peter and Paul.

On the same date the people celebrate "Petrovden". This is one of the most celebrated summer holidays in the traditions of the Bulgarian people. The thematic edition of the "Folklore table" show is dedicated to this celebration. Of course, the EurofolkTV team also offers spectators two traditional recipes for the holiday - "Pile po petrovski" (chicken) and the so-called "Byal mazh" (dessert with cheese, milk and toppings).

In addition to all these festive activities, the content of the show is mixed with appropriate folklore songs.