21 June 2021

The third issue of "Folklore table" in June reveals interesting facts about Saint John's Eve (Enyovden). Celebration date is fixed on 24 June and coincides with the summer solstice, so many of the beliefs and customs are associated with the path of the sun and the cult of it. On the night before the feast, various herbs acquire the greatest healing power. Therefore, on Midsummer's Day, early in the morning, maidens and women, fortune tellers, magicians pick herbs, which they use for healing and magic all year round.

In folklore on Saint John's Eve (Enyovden) the sun begins to slowly die and we start to prepare for winter. It is believed that whoever sees the "playing" and "flickering" sun bathed in living water early in the morning, will be healthy all year round.

Many songs and dances for a sunny mood will alternate the information about the customs associated with the holiday.