27 November 2020

In the last week of November, "Folklore table" TV show will emphasize on the food that have more than 20 names in the different Bulgarian dialects - "tsarevista", "gugula", "kukuruz", "misir", "rapka", "tsarka", "mamul" and others (all of the words mean corn).

The team has got the idea from the celebration of Andreevden (Saint Andrew's Day) which is annually celebrated on November 30th. According to the tradition, Bulgarian people serve also boiled corn on the cob to the table. 

If you want to know the whole story about the corn, to learn more about its nutritional and health qualities, to find out how to implement it in the culinary and what is its place on the Bulgarian celebration table, you can watch the production. You will also learn the recipe for "Corn porridge from the Rhodopes", filmed by the team in Krumovgrad.

The program will be accompanied by a dose of folklore music performances!