You can expect to watch series of interviews and folklore performances in the third edition of "Folklore table" TV show in November 

In the first part of the TV show, the EurofolkTV team will take you around the "Samovodska charshia" Bazaar in Veliko Tarnovo, where the 10th edition of the Night of the  "Samovodska charshia" and the Crafts Festival took place. In line with the theme of the show, the footage from the event focuses on the stands with culinary production.

In the second part of "Folklore table"  TV show, you will meet the centenarian from the colorful Bulgarian village of Arbanassi - Donka Popova, who will tell about her life with a smile and share her memories and recipes for longevity.

Folklore music and dance performances will contribute to the exciting atmosphere of the curious meetings.

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