In the third edition of "Folklore table" TV show in October, we will propose you to accompany the TV team to the village of Vladislav, Strazhitsa region. Women from "Videlina 1905" Community center and the Pensioners club of the village will present a series of recipes related to the Day of St. Demetrius, named in Bulgaria - Dimitrovden. You will see: Rice with lamb, Stuffed peppers and Banitsa with cheese. 

Orthodox church celebrates the feast day of St. Great Martyr Demetrius of Thessaloniki the Myroblyte on October 26th. A popular proverb says that "Georgi brings summer, Dimitar - winter".

Beautiful folklore songs and dances will accompany the presentation of these delicious dishes, preparing us for winter.

Expect the third October edition of "Folklore table" on the website of EurofolkTV.

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