In the last October edition of the show "Folklore table" you will witness the continuation of our meeting with the representatives of the "Videlina 1905"  Community Center and the Pensioners' Club in the village of Vladislav, municipality Strazhitsa.

The episode will present you three delicious recipes that the team of EurofolkTV shot on the spot in the village - lamb soup, dish with chicken and cake.

In the immediate closeness of the location, the object of the operators, is the Tree of Love, around which a beautiful place for relaxation has been created. You will see and hear not only about the picturesque place, but also curious facts about the village, which celebrates its gathering on St. Dimitar's Day (Demetrius of Thessaloniki).

Of course, this time again we will not deprive you of a decent portion of musical performances, as the nice table is not the same without folklore rhythms.

You can expect the TV show on 31.10.2020 on the EurofolkTV website.


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