In our folklore calendar, the first day of September marks the beginning of the new agricultural year. That is why the team of "Folklore table" invites you to

the vegetable garden of Nikolay Nikolov. The property is located near Dolna Oryahovitsa, although the main character in the first September issue of the show is from Lyaskovo, the heir of a horticultural family from Dzhulyunitsa.

Probably many of you know that in Bulgarian history this area - Gorna Oryahovitsa, Lyaskovets, Elena, Zlataritsa, Veliko Tarnovo, and the villages in it are famous for their gardeners and vegetable growers, who amazed the world with their skills for more than three centuries. In the "Ethno fouding" section of the show, you will see the online interview with Stoyan Evtimov from Peshtera village, organizer of one of the most interesting virtual contests in the last months - "Ot brazdata do sofrata" (From the furrow to the table). On the occasion of the National Day of the Cross, which is celebrated on September 14th, in the second issue of "Folklore table" we will focus on viticulture and grape harvest. We intend to meet you with the hereditary vine grower from the Veliko Tarnovo region - Rumen Tsankov (village of Vetrintsi), as well as to remind you how they make a pie with grapes in Suhindol.

In the third and fourth issue in September, we will offer you to accompany our team to the village Draganovtsi near Gabrovo, where we will show you a series of recipes that we shot on site in the village with the assistance of "Hristo Botev - 1923" Community Center: Luchnik, Ozhur bozhur, Eggs with spinach and wild mushrooms, Sborenka, Roasted peppers with milk and flour, Summer oshav from fresh fruits.

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