On the day of St. Simeon, the first issue of "God bless us!" TV show for the ninth month of the year will provide you with the opportunity to learn how the pilgrimage route "Holy Way" went. Last year it was initiated on the occasion of the 550th anniversary of the return of the relics of St. John of Rila from Veliko Tarnovo to the Rila Monastery. This year the organizers and their associates again carried out the pilgrimage route. You know, St. John is the greatest Bulgarian saint and our show reflects in detail the route since its last year's edition.

Details about the initiative this year can be expected from the interview with one of the main organizers of the march - Mr. Paskal Piperkov. In the folklore calendar, the grape harvest begins on the Day of the Holy Cross. For this reason, in some parts of the country the holiday is called a grape harvest. On this occasion, the EurofolkTV team invites you to accompany them to the town of Kilifarevo, where vine growing has been a traditional livelihood since ancient times in the third issue of "God bless us!" (14.09.2020).

You will learn a lot from the interview with Zhivko Peev, who has been engaged in viticulture for more than three decades.


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