The second issue of "Songs for the soul" will introduce Irena Petrova and Petar Petrov from Polski Trambesh - a couple in life, but also on the stage. You can expect the guest appearance of the Petrovi duo in the studio of "Songs for the Soul". Don't miss it, because you will hear some of their greatest performances from their repertoire: "Prikazen san", "Zavrashtane", "Chakam v samota", "Prosto te obicham", "Nekazani dumi". 

In the third TV issue of "Songs for the soul" in September, you can expect the performances of the Vocal group "Siyanie" from Polski Trambesh. Performances you can hear: "Parva lyubov", "Dvori pritihnali", "Lyubovno tango", "V kraya na lyatoto" and "Roden grad".

"Izvorche" TV show in September will broadcast for the first time the performances of soloists of the School of folklore singing "Slaveyche", Sliven. They are winners of first prize Golden "Orpheus" in the Folklore Festival "Euro Folk - Black Sea 2020". The festival was held in Kiten in July. 

In the "Izvorche Atelier" on the occasion of the first school day you will see how a mini version of a student desk is made.

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