8 April 2020

EuroFolkTV will delight the viewers with a series of interesting guests in the April issues of "Songs for the Soul"

In the second April issue of the television show, you will meet Miroslav Dechev - a journalist, poet and writer from Veliko Tarnovo who will present his newest book named "Srebaren dazhd" (Silver rain in English).

The third episode of April is for the masters of accordion and guitar from Veliko Tarnovo - Duet Akustika. Stanimir Demirev and Nikolay Minev will tell us more about them and their work with students, and also will greet us with valuable music.

The fourth monthly issue of "Songs for the Soul" will introduce you the guitar poets, the Duet Turkoaz - Galina Moskova and Valentin Angelov from Gorna Oryahovitsa, who will let us into the world of their love lyrics.
Watch the show, will be worth it!