7 April 2020

In the days before and during the Easter celebrations, within two editions of the show in the second and the third week of April, we will present you recipes for  Easter dishes.

The team of EuroFolkTV filmed the tasty recipes in the village of Karaysen, Pavlikeni municipality: painting eggs with vegetable dyes and so-called wool dyes, kneading and modeling of Easter cakes (kozunak), buns and holiday bread, healthy spring nettle salad with fresh onions and eggs, the region's traditional Easter dish - home-baked chicken with roasted bulgur.

You will also enjoy the musical performances of Dance group "Balgarka" and Group for spring folklore at "Dobra Nadezhda 1896" Community center as well as interview with Galya Licheva - a secretary of the community center. 

Let's prepare traditional meals for Easter together!