23 March 2020

Folklore ensemble "Guru Songs" from Ordos, Inner Mongolia (China) topped the World Ranking List of Folklore in 2019 with 1.134 points. Art leader of the group is Mr Muren. High distinction is a result of their participation in two of the last year's Championships of folklore - the IX World Championship of Folklore "World Folk" 2019 and the Asian Championship of Folklore "Asia Folk" 2019.

In the first above mentioned forum, the group became the "Absolute world champion in 2019", they won the Grand Prix Golden "Orpheus" and Golden medal, in the second forum they won Silver medal. They succeed because of their skills and amazing scenic presence as well as because of their desire to present traditional arts of their nations to the world. Their work was highly appreciated by the international jury. Ensemble "Guru Songs" joined the rankings in the "Folklore groups for customs recreation (folklore groups, ensembles)" category.

With 1.005 points, the Children's-youth dance ensemble "Kyustendilche" at Municipal Children's Complex, Kyustendil (Bulgaria) took the second place. Art director of the group is Mr Rangel Madzharski. Points were received by their participation in the IX World Championship of Folklore "World Folk" 2019, where the group won Silver medal, Silver "Orpheus" and the title "Absolute vice champion in 2019", as well in the World Cup of Folklore - Veliko Tarnovo 2019 - Golden medal, and the X Bulgarian National Championship of Folklore "Euro Folk 2019" - title "Vicechampions in 2019", Silver madal and Silver "Orpheus". They joined the ranking in the "Groups for folklore dances - modern choreography (folklore dance groups, ensembles)" category. 

The third place in the World Ranking List of Folklore in 2019 is for individual performer Mr Ateha from Ulaan Khad (Inner Mongolia, China). Participant received 900 points because of his participation in the Asian Championship of Folklore "Asia Folk" 2019 - third place and bronze medal and in the IX World Championship of Folklore "World Folk" 2019 - Bronze medal and Bronze "Orpheus". Mr Ateha joined the rankings in the "Performer of folklore songs, modern arrangement of folklore music". 

The accumulated 1,968 total points from the past three years by Ensemble for folklore songs and dances "Kitka sharena" at "Prosveta" Community center, Katuntsi village (Bulgaria) granted them the first place in the overall rankings for 2019. The group is leaded by Mr Evtim Zaykov and joined the rankings in the "Folklore vocal groups, modern arrangement of folklore music)" category.

World unified system of assesment and rankings of different competitions and forums is under the initiative of the World Association of Folklore Festivals - WAFF. Qualified groups that have participated in WAFF-authorized championships and festivals are included in the Ranking list. 

You can learn more about the assesment system on the WAFF's website, where the points of the National Championship of Folklore in Ukraine and the Asian Championship of Folklore "Asia folk" have already been published.