In the new edition of "Folklore Table" we will meet the Chairman of the Veliko Tarnovo Club of Folklore Culture - Mrs. Pavlina Vladeva. She will present the repertory “Taste of time” - culinary puzzle from the region of Veliko Tarnovo. In the section “Ethnonahodka” we will meet you with the singers from Female folklore group for authentic folklore – Trigrad village, Bulgaria.

In our second May issue we will continue our conversation with Mrs. Vladeva. There you will be able to see how the people in Pisarevo prepare the dish “Gornooryahovsko garne”. In the section “Ethnonahodka” we will listen to the songs of Group for authentic folklore “Zlatitsa” from the village of Zlatopole.

In the third and fourth editions of the month, we will show recipes, songs and dances from the village of Starosel. The main characters in the show will be the singers from the Group for Authentic Folklore and the dancers from the Dance ensemble “Trakiyka” to “Geo Milev” Community Center - Starosel. You will be able to see an interview with Secretary of the Community Center - Valka Proicheva.  Anna Manavska will tell us about the temple over Starosel.

You can get acquainted with curious facts about traditional culinary art, Starosel and the authentic folklore, by watching "Folklore Table"broadcasted on EuroFolkTV, in the following time range:

Saturday: 12.00, 20.00, 04.00

Sunday: 12.00, 20.00, 04.00

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