In the first issue for May of the weekly TV show Balkan Folk, we will meet you with Mr. Kaloyan Nikolov, President of EAFF, who talks about the scientific conferences and festivals held this spring in Georgia and Uzbekistan In the same edition of the show you will be able to see one of the dances of the Absolute National Champions of Folklore of Bulgaria for the 2018 - the dancers from Ensemble "Folklorika" - Sofia. In the final part you will see the ranking of "Song of the Month".

In the second edition for the month you will enjoy the rich folklore program, represented by the performances of folklore dance ensemble "Zagorovche" from Septemvri, Folklore group “Shans” from Ruse and the Mixed folklore group of the village of Radievo, Bulgaria. Guest in the studio will be Nikolay Kyorchev - artistic director of dance club “Pletenitsa” – Veliko Tarnovo.

The third forthcoming issue of Balkan Folk will introduce to you the performances of: Folklore Ensemble "Gornopolska pesen" - Ovchartsi village, Sapareva Banya; Female dance group from Chelopech; Group for processed folklore at Varbitsa Village, Gorna Oryahovitsa; Children's dance group “Kitchitsa” and Group for folklore dances “Kitka” from Rakovski. 

In the last edition of May you will enjoy the performances of “Zmeychani” Men's folk group - Zmeitza village, "Izvorche" children dance group and "Svetlina" female dance formation from the village of Manastirishte, Folklore group "Sharena Kitka" and Quintet "Veselie" from the village of Velino. Youth dance group "Thrakiyka"  will also show us the incredible step characteristic of the village of Popovitsa.

You can watch editions of the shows broadcast on EuroFolkTV, in the following time range:

Monday: 11.00, 19.00, 03.00

Wednesday: 14.00, 22.00, 06.00

Friday:  11.00, 19.00, 03.00

Sunday:  14.00, 22.00, 06.00

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