29 June 2017

Stara planina Fest "Balkan Folk", traditionally held every year in May in the the town of Veliko Tarnovo - capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire, headed a world top festival ranking, according to the Canadian Flight Network website. Apart from the festival, the website is also advertising the unique Bulgarian city.

"Located in north central Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo oozes with medieval history, romance and natural beauty. It’s one of Bulgaria’s most historic towns, luring visitors in with its carefully restored Tsarevets Fortress, which was once the citadel of the Second Bulgarian Empire... There’s no better opportunity for Bulgarians and travelers from around the world to indulge in the folk music that has shaped so many unique cultures." - this is a part from the introduction of the town and the festival published in the website, which has more than 185 000 followers in the social networks.

In Top 21 of the ranking are included not only folklore and ethno festivals, but another popular festivals such as pop, jazz, choral etc. which are conducted in England, Norway, Greece, Finland, Normandy, Germany, Netherlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Portugal, Austria, Montenegro, USA and Italy.

Festival Europe's №1 of traditional folklore arts - Stara planina Fest "Balkan Folk" is the main event of Musical Feasts - Euro folk, which include 45 more musical festivals. Applications for participation in the next edition in 2018 you can already submit on the official website of the European Association of Folklore Festivals - EAFF.