Celebrate the Day when the Church commemorates Saint Demetrius of Thessalonica together with the "Folklore table" TV show. For the old Bulgarians, this is one of the biggest holidays in the calendar.

The meal of this day includes kurban or mutton stew, chicken stew, boiled corn, pestil, apple pie or baked apples, rachel, pumpkin. That is why the third October show reveals how in the village of Vladislav, Strazhitsa municipality, people prepare the traditional dish for the village gathering - Rice with lamb offal, as well as how in the town of Byala, Ruse municipality, they make the local pumpkin dessert "Kumbast".

In the last edition of "Folklore table" for the month of October, the topic is the onion. It will be fun and helpful for our team to present the history, health benefits, and uses of the vegetable through a few delicious recipes.

Do not miss to watch us!

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