In the third issue of the show in July, the adventures in the kitchen continue with recipes from the town of Byala for the dishes "Lyatna gozba s dzhanki" and "Kasha s prepecheno brashno". Both dishes are from the local traditional cuisine. The Ethno finding part of the show includes 23 authentic traditional costumes from different regions of Bulgaria - the unique samples are from the personal collection of Mrs Kornelia Aleksandrova.

The last issue in July will present Evdokia Dilyanova to the viewers. She will show one of the oldest recipes from Byala, Ruse region, called by the locals - "Shumere". Right after it, Mrs Kornelia Aleksandrova will cook a really delicious meal, named "Burana s pecheni chushki".

The second half of the "Ethno finding" part of the show presents the Group for authentic folklore at the "Obnova 1939" Community center, Borino village, Smolyan municipality.

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