28 April 2022

See how "Folklore Table" TV show presents the preparation for the spring holidays, revealing the different angles of excitement and flow of the red-bordered dates in the calendar.

In its 634th issue, the show focuses on painting the eggs. The egg is presented both at the table and in the ritual practices of all spring holidays. It is also one of the foods with the most health benefits for people. In the second part of the show, in the "Ethno finding" rubric, you will watch the online interview with Ms. Alime Ahmedova - Secretary of "Hristo Botev" Community center - Golyamo Sokolovo, revealing details of the National Virtual Competition for lyrics of ritual songs.

The third issue in April is focused on the celebrations on the Lazarus Saturday (Lazarovden) and the Palm Sunday (Tvsetnitsa). "Ethno finding" part of the show includes the custom named Lazarovden, recreated by the Class of folklore, local lore and ethnography "Ihtimanche" from Ihtiman.

The last issue in April is dedicated to the Resurrection of Jesus (Velikden). In the context of the church traditions, the "feast of feasts" is great (velik) because of the great miracle of Jesus' resurrection. In the worldview of our people, the holiday equates to the resurrection of nature as well. The team of the show focuses on the ritual table, but, of course, provides time for a lot of folklore performances.