16 March 2021

The second edition of "Folklore table" telecast in March is dedicated to the celebration of forgiveness - Sirni Zagovezni. 

You can see the most characteristic customs related to the day of forgiveness as well as products and dishes which should be added to the table on that day. Also, you will find out how to prepare "Darpana banitsa" made in Apriltsi and "Piperinitsa" made in Suhindol. 

On the important winter-spring day of our folklore calendar, the family gathers, younger members visit the older ones and ask for forgiveness. Then the older relatives also ask for forgiveness. Because of this ritual, the celebration is called Sirni Zagovezni as well as "Proshka" (Forgiveness). The day of Sirni Zagovezni is the last day before the beginning of the longest fast of the year - The Great fast before Easter.

In the interview of EurofolkTV, Maria Hristova talks about the custom in Staro selo village, region of Tutrakan. The interview is filmed during the Folklore feast "Greyana rakia i zeleva chorba ot starovremskata sofra" (Mulled rakia and cabbage soup from the old table) which is annually held in Babovo village, region of Slivo pole, Bulgaria.

Besides asking for forgiveness, the celebration is famous with the custom of "hamkane", as well as with jumping over fire for health and with mummer games. 

The "Ethno finding" part of the show will present the ritual recreated on stage by the Mummers group at the "Dr Petar Beron 1934" Community center from Topolchane village, Sliven region, Bulgaria with artistic director Hristina Yaneva. 

You can learn many curious facts and watch a lot of musical performances in the one-hour telecast here.