7 July 2020

The team of Eurofolk TV welcomes curious guests in the first three editions of the show "Songs for the soul", which will be broadcasted in July. 

In the first week of the summer month, the guest of the host Miglena Hadzhipencheva will be Mrs. Katya Ivanova - pharmacist and phytotherapist, author of 18 books, poet and musician. The conversation between the ladies will lead you to new knowledge about herbs for the soul, their use in the past and today. The interview will be accompanied by songs with the names of flowers and herbs performed by Tsvetanka Popova from Dupnitsa, Dimitrichka Georgieva from Ruse, Group for old urban songs "Beli akatsii" from Chiprovtsi and Group for old urban songs "Srednogorski slavey" from Pirdop.

The second July issue of the weekly music program will introduce you the poet with guitar - Plamen Kapinchev, who is the author of more than 120 works. You can hear the love songs performed by the author: "Spomen", "Balada za sartseto", "Nqma pateka kam teb", "Tazi vecher praznuvam razlaka" and "Zakasnyala obich".

The third edition of the weekly 30-minute party for the seventh month will be a continuation of the previous one, because it will meet you again with the guitarist - lyricist, but this time he will present some of his songs on social subject: "Tazhnite mazhe s usmihnati litsa", "Vyara, nadezhda i lyubov", "Edno dete risuvashe elha", "Pismo do dashterya mi" and "Veseli tsigani". 

Watching is worth just as much as listening!