4 December 2019

Eurofolk TV 's crew filmed the performances of Folklore formation “Zmeychani”, which will be broadcast in the February editions of the TV show "Folklore table". The artistic director of the ensemble that preserves the local folklore and glorifies the village of Zmeytsa and the municipality of Dospat is Emil Pehlivanov.

“Folklore table” will present recipes for rhodope bread, kachamak (hominy) with corn flour and cheverme.

The performers from the Smolyan village revived the traditions, customs and songs from their region with a great mood, presenting 12 performances: “Moma e moma rodila”, “Abra yunache, ludo i mlado”, “Ayshinko kozum pilentse”, “Momnele, mari hubava”, “Soyka ptitsa”, “Duyni mi, leyni bel veter”, “Spish li, fanke”, “Na porti chuka”, “Stiga si hodil”, “Ruske le”, “I ya se malak ozhenih” and “Karamfilko bilbilko”, which will enter Eurofolk TV's programming scheme in February.