4 October 2017

The statuette Grand Prix "Silver Yantra" 2017 and the cash prize of 1000 Euro were awarded to Rossela Zitiello from Italy. 22-years old singer and 89 more young and talented performers took part in the 15th edition of the International Pop Music Contest which is annually held in Veliko Tarnovo. 

Performers in "Silver Yantra" 2017 were divided in 4 age groups - from 5 to 25-years old. Within two competitive nights conducted in Music and Drama Theater "Konstanin Kisimov", the audience enjoyed the performances of participants from 13 countries - Italy, Malta, Finland, Romania, Moldova, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Ukraine, Slovenia, France, England and Bulgaria. 

This year chairwoman of the professional jury was again the pop star Silviya Katsarova. Among the members of the jury was also the talented singer Iva Angelicheva who organized for the first time this year the "Wild Rose" festival in London attended by Bulgarian stars. For the second edition of the London Festival, the graduate of Studio "Rumina" invited Silvia Katsarova to participate. In turn, Mrs. Katsarova accepted the challenge and presented the backing vocals who she is going to take with her - Vanesa Ilieva and Lilia Angelicheva. They are also part of the star team of Studio "Rumina."

For the first time in the competition this year there was also the category "Singing families". Brothers, sisters, parents took part in the festival without competing for the prizes. 8-years old Zhaklin and her father Nikolay Kostadinov, performed the "Aladin" theme song - a song that has won the award of the US Film-making Academy for the best original song. Three little sisters from Silistra are аre the other attraction of the competition. Their trio is called "Emina" and the average age of the girls is 6 years and 8 months. The little Angelika from Veliko Tarnovo and her father Stoyan Lyubomirov impressed the audience with a song from the Musical "Beauty and the beast". Sisters Militsa Todorova and Gergana Todorova were again part of the festival. They are from Stara Zagora as well as the boys - Teodor Palazov and Pavel Palazov. Other singing families were Dari Peneva and her mother Desi from Sofia, and 8-years old Larisa and her father Bogran Petre from Ploiești (Romania). The "Singing Families" category will become competitive next year at the International Pop Music Contest for young performers. 

The third festival evening was the Gala concert of laureates.

The prize for the youngest participant was won by 5-years old Marina Todorova. In first age group (5-8 years old) the prize for the best performance was awarded to Maya Fluture from Romania. The big prize in the second age group (9-12 years old) was for Viliyana Ivanova from Svishtov. Talented singer will also present Bulgaria in the International contest "Two hearts-twins" in Moldova. Gergana Todorova won the big prize in the third age group (13-16 years old). Liliya Angelicheva won the special prize of the Mayor of Veliko Tarnovo - Daniel Panov who is a patron of the contest. In the fourth category (18-25 years old), Kristina Doncheva from Burgas won the prize. Liya Lyubenova from Veliko Tarnovo received an encouraging prize.

The contest was broadcast live on the Internet television EuroFolkTV which was the main media partner of the musical event. Organizers of the contest are Association "Silver Yantra" and Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo.