10 October 2022

In the first half of October, "Folklore Table" focuses on the overview film about the XII World Championship of Folklore "World folk" 2022 and the Day of Saint Paraskeva (Petkovden).

The first edition of the show for the tenth month will present the production dedicated to the World Championship, which was held in parallel live and online in the last weeks of August.

The second episode is dedicated to the beliefs and traditions related to the folklore celebration of the Day of Saint Paraskeva (Petkovden) and its characteristic meals. You can learn the recipes for Baked leeks with rice and prunes from the village of Petko Karavelovo, Polski Trambesh region and Postni Sarmi from Banya.

In its regular "Ethno finding" part of the show, the issue will present the Group for authentic folklore at "Nauka - 1904" Community center - Streltsi village, Brezovo region. 

It will be interesting, don't miss "Folklore Table"!