23 December 2021

Dear friends,

We are counting down the last hours until Holy Night, when each of us will wish for what he wants most and will believe that the Christmas light will bring him. 

In anticipation of the holiday miracles, we express our great gratitude for the trust you have given us and express our wishes for health and dreams come true. 

In the coming year, let us together continue to preserve the eternal values, reviving the spirit of folklore with a thought for future generations!

A year has passed, full of challenges and difficult moments, but also with many professional and personal victories. May the New 2022 bring you only positive changes, and may your deeds be blessed, crowned with satisfaction, success and grace! May the future days be illuminated by generosity, new perspectives, magic, love and high achievements!

May the peace and joy born of the Holy Night accompany you throughout the year.

Health and happiness are most strongly represented in our prayers for all of you, your loved ones and our viewers, because "health is not everything, but without health everything is nothing."

Say goodbye to 2021 and welcome the magic of a new beginning with hope! 


May all of us be blessed!

Merry Christmas!

Peaceful and blessed New Year 2022!


Best regards,

EurofolkTV Team