31 March 2021

In the fourth edition of "Folklore table" telecast in March, the team of EurofolkTV invites you to watch a few Yakut folklore performances. In addition to Yakut folklore, the TV meeting has the aim to present you the cuisine of the Autonomous Russian Republic.

An online interview with the director of the Foundation for the Development of the Cultures of the Peoples of Siberia and the Far East "NORTHERN RAINBOW" Mrs Aleksandra Borisova who is originally from Yakutia but lives in Moscow, will reveal curious facts and a recipe for a traditional for her homeland dish.

The second "Ethno finding" part of the show presents the art of Folklore ensemble "Izvorche" at "Hristo Botev" Community center from Krumovgrad.

You can watch the telecast which includes folklore and cuisine of Yakutia as well as the art of the Bulgarian group - here.