28 February 2021

In the fourth issue of the "Folklore Table" TV show in February, all the performances will be united in one theme.

The leitmotif will be the labor activities - for the food and cuisine of the Bulgarians. There will be songs about plowing, sowing, harvesting and mowing. The plot of the show will also present folklore songs about apples, cherries, basil, rose, bread, "zelnik" and honey.

The viticulture theme will be also presented, because even today in some regions of Bulgaria the winegrowing is among the main livelihoods. Ancient people have discovered the health benefits of eating grapes. Due to its availability and wide distribution, grapes have been used since ancient times as food and medicine.

The dance "Rabotliviyat kosach" ("Hardworking Mower") will also contribute to the compilation of recreated traditional work activities.

Watch the "Folklore Table" TV show because entertainment is guaranteed!