15 February 2021

The second edition of "Folklore table" in February will include an online interview with Mrs Yuliana Petrova, a secretary of "Iskra 1893" Community center in Palamaritsa village (Popovo municipality). She is going to tell us about the Culinary competition "With an aroma of deliciously cooked, folklore and art".

In the Ethno finding part of the show, the team of EurofollTV will present you the Group for authentic folklore at the "Hristo Botev 1936" Community center - Byala village (Sliven municipality). Artistic directors of the group are: Stoyanka Marinova, Zafirka Mihaleva and Radka Yordanova. You will see and hear the composition "Na megdana" which includes folklore songs and dances from Byala village.

"Folklore table" TV show will delight all the viewers with songs and dances and interesting conversations, so do not miss our upcoming edition!