5 December 2018

December is the month that is filled with many festive days and celebrations. Interesting and fun television shows will only contribute to the romantic and enjoyable mood.

Traditionally, in December, the Eurofolk TV program includes six shows that are related to the character of this romantic and festive month. Apart from them, the TV team also took care to prepare Shows for Christmas and New Year's Eve with lots of humor, songs and dances.

Here are some of the highlights in the different shows in December:

BALKAN FOLK - each Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

In the first two issues, you will see the Ist and IInd part of the Overview movie for the XV Black Sea Festival "Euro folk" 2018; in the third issue you can see the performances of bagpipers and dancers from Bulgaria, India and Croatia, winners in the championships and festivals of the European Association of Folklore Festivals - EAFF. The fourth issue is "reserved" for the winners of the European Championship of Folklore, the World Championship of Folklore and the International Folklore Festival "Euro folk - Black sea" 2018 - groups from Austria, Russia and Bulgaria.

GOD BLESS US! - Due to the specificity of the dates of the church holidays in Bulgaria, the dates of broadcasting are variable

Including a lot of chants, scenes of mural paintings and temples from our country, inquiries and interviews, folk customs, songs and dances this program reminds of and rebirths the holidays and at the same time pleases the viewer. The show is directed to the Bulgarian Christian holidays. In December they are: December 6th - Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker ("Nikulden"); December 20th - The Holy Hieromartyr Ignatius the God-bearer ("Ignazhden"); December 25th - Christmas; December 27 - St. Stephen the Deacon ("Stefanovden")

FOLKLORE TABLE - each Saturday and Sunday

The seventh festival "Zhitenata pitka" held annually in Strazhitsa town (Bulgaria) will be shown in the first two issues of the show. In the "Ethnonahodka" rubric of the both issues, you will meet the Ensemble "Kapantsi" from Getsovo village, Razgrad region and Vocal group at the Ensemble "Georgi Chilingirov" at "Otets Paisiy 1926" Community center from Polkovnik Serafimovo village, Samokov region (Bulgaria). What are the traditions about the custom "Koleduvane" and what dishes the Bulgarians serve on Christmas Eve - we all will know from the villagers of Babuk village, who will introduce many festive recipes. 

IZVORCHE - each Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

Many and talented children of Bulgaria and not only will be shown in the children's folklore show this month. Besides songs and dances, the hosts Stilian and Nikol will show their little viewers interesting quizzes. The magician Sylvan will show some focuses to have fun on holiday days. You can learn more about the pottery craft, how to make Christmas wreath and many more interesting things in the fourth issues of "Izvorche" show. 

SONGS FOR THE SOUL - each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

No celebration can be complete if the people around the table are not sung popular old-urban songs. Groups, duets and soloists from Lyaskovets, Gabrovo, Dupnitsa, Byala, Arbanasi, Pirdop, Sevlievo, Lovech, Vratsa, Veliko Tarnovo, Mezdra, Pleven, Polski Trambesh (Bulgaria) and Nizhnevartovsk (Russia) will sing for Love - shared, suffered, late, experienced, lost ... Whether the conditions in which we live call for a new life of these songs or the human soul always needs something as lyrical as them... The important thing is that these aging pearls of the urban song come to light and touch the gentle strings of the soul.

WORLD FOLKLORE ARTS - each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

It includes the best folklore performances from the Musical Feasts "Euro Folk". Performances are from all over the world.