"The folklore performer has a wide open soul. The folklore performer is one foot above all.  The folklore performer loves people and has no evil intention.", Lyuben Madankov, Bulgaria

"EAFF is an organization that manages to preserve folklore, which is threatened all over the world and this is not only preservation - this is a bloom of the culture of all countries. I am glad that this organization exists and that it is developing. I recommend everyone to participate in the  festivals of EAFF.", Besik Gorjoladze, Georgia

The documentary film for the XIV International folklore festival "Euro Folk - Black Sea" 2018 tells about the contribution to succession between the generations in the ensembles, the specific authentic musical, dance and singing performances from the different ethnographic regions of Bulgaria, about the characteristic accents in the folklore of Georgia and Croatia

The latest edition, which was attended by about 1000 participants, including the guest participants from the Republic of Yakutia and Russia, was held from 15 to 25 June on scenes in the sea resorts Tsarevo and Kiten. More than 50 ensembles and individual performers showed the beauty of the spring folklore art. 10 groups were honored by the jury with the First Prize Golden "Orpheus" in the respective category, and the winners of the Grand Prix were the participants from Croatia.

You will learn from the movie more about the moods and emotions behind and on the stage. You can also watch it on YouTube's channel of Eurofolk TV – main media partner of the event.

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