Guardians of traditions! Bearers of the strong national spirit! Activists for preserving the folk heritage! Descendants of ancient cultures! Followers of ancient covenants! You can see all of them in the overview movie about the III World Cup of Folklore – Veliko Tarnovo 2018.

You will feel "special sadness" in the Swedish music; you will see and learn more about the "dance vocabulary" from the different folklore regions of Bulgaria; melodic music and dances from the 16th century from Lithuania; songs and dances for happiness, love and spring by the Polish "Canadians"; mystic from the East, rituals and ceremonies...

Besides concerts broadcast live from the main media partner of the event – Eurofolk TV, the cameras also captured the other important moments: the two parades along the central street of Veliko Tarnovo, two "Meetings of Nations" both visits of delegates from the participating groups in the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo and meeting with the municipal administration. Within an hour that passes imperceptibly, you will hear, see, and learn more about sharing of cultures; you will see that it is possible to connect hearts globally through musicand that world folklore can have its place in the modern era.

The third edition of the World Cup of Folklore - Veliko Tarnovo 2018, Bulgaria was held simultaneously with XXII Stara Planina Fest "Balkan folk" and IX Bulgarian National Championship of Folklore "Euro folk". More than 240 folklore groups with about 4000 singers, musicians and dancers from Bulgaria, Canada, Sweden, Iran, India, Indonesia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Georgia and the Republic of Saha (Yakutia, Russia) took part in the three folk forums, which also have documentaries,

The film can also be seen in YouTube.

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