Our services for editors and firms

EuroFolkTV has a long-standing experience in the production of editorial and advertising services using the collaboration of the best industry professionals It is able to distribute the most exclusive and iconic moments of the international festivals and events, backstage secrets, worldwide curiosities, celebrities and nonetheless the highest quality shows of the best style.

EuroFolkTV  realizes specific videos and formats for television productions, firm and studio promotions and events live streaming and distinguishes itself for the glamour taste of its works.

Standarts: DV, DVCAM, HD, FULL HD
1 TV mobile station SD - 4 cameras
1 TV mobil station FULL HD - 8 cameras
4 nonline edit static stations
2 on line edit mobil stations
400 sq.m. audio and tv studios.
WEB ONLINE broadcast.
Audio Pro Mixing and Pewer Sound Systems
Aluminium stage