"Wonderful festival! Colorific! Wealth with which very few nations around the world can boast!" - Rusi Satykov, Simeonovgrad (Bulgaria)

"To preserve the folklore heritage - songs, dances, traditions, customs, is difficult task!" - Tencho Tenev, Zlatopole village (Bulgaria)

"It is worthwhile to experience the thrill of participating in the parade, to listen to the bagpipes, to experience all the fun, to see the smiles of people and different costumes ... The parade is very nice." - Tanya Ivanova, Milanovo village (Bulgaria)

"Participating in festivals helps us learn more about the culture of other peoples" - Mazhdi Maray, Israel

"I know the EAFF festivals well. They are organized very well, so we always come with pleasure." - Aleksandra Borisova, Yakutia

These are just a small part of the feedback from the participants in the 15th Black Sea Festival "Euro folk" 2018, which they shared in front of the Eurofolk TV camera. The festival was held from 5 to 10 September in the sunny Bulgarian resorts Kiten and Tsarevo.

Nearly 100 vocal groups, dance groups, orchestras, ensembles and individual participants presented the folklore typical for their countries. The audience applauded songs and dances from all ethnographic regions of Bulgaria.

From the film about this edition of the Black Sea Festival, viewers will learn more about the folklore of the Yakuts and the Druze - a religious minority in Israel living on the Golan Heights. The performers from the Dance group "Alagar Dalbardara" from the Republic of Saha (Yakutia) and Folklore group "Riim Aljolan" - (Ain Kiniya, Israel) brought with their dances and costumes extra dynamics and "color" during the competitive evenings.

The words of almost participants say: 

"The Bulgarian is increasingly longing for the traditions" and returns to them. Performers "love the stage and the stage love them" and the biggest award for them is that "the audience always appreciates the good performance, and the jury also appreciates it appropriately"

More impressions, captured emotions and moments from the festival can be seen in the movie.


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