"Bulgarians can't live without folklore!", said categorically the participants in the Stara planina Fest "Balkan Folk" 2018, for which a movie has been created and already released.

The large-scale folklore forum was held for 22nd time in Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgaria) at the period - May 10th - 20th. The event gathered on a stage performers from all the ethnographic areas of Bulgaria - from Klyuch village on South-west to Aheloy on South-east and from Kalipetrovo village on North-east to Belogradchik on North-west, as well as performers from the countries - Canada, Sweden, Iran, India, Indonesia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Georgia and Republic of Sakha - Yakutia (Russia).

The beautiful performances of participants, the intertwining of the different cultures and the festive folklore mood have been captured by the cameras and presented in the movie in an exciting and memorable way. Beside the perfect atmosphere on the 22nd edition of the Festival No.1 in Europe, the audience will learn more about the specific features of folklore and costumes of each ethnographic region as well as some specific customs and rituals. 

The movie can be watched at YouTube.

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