A movie about the Black Sea Festival "Euro Folk" 2023 will broadcast for the first time how more than 1000 participants from 60 vocal groups, dance ensembles, orchestras, ensembles, as well as individual participants from all ethnographic regions of Bulgaria presented themselves.

Watch how on the sea stage in the town of Tsarevo and on the stage of the Kremikovtsi complex in the town of Kiten, hundreds of singers, dancers and musicians of all ages expressed their love for folklore and turned the festival into one of the most colorful musical events part of the Musical Feasts "Euro Folk". The video also captured footage from the parade of participants, where more than 20 groups with 350 performers delighted the guests and residents of Kiten.

The premiere broadcast of the production for the twentieth anniversary edition of the competition program will be on November 23rd at 14:00 (EEST) on EurofolkTV and on the TVEurofolk YouTube channel.

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