8 February 2021

In the first February edition of "Folklore Table" show we will immerse you in the atmosphere of folklore traditions associated with the holiday "Trifonovden".

According to the official Orthodox calendar, Trifonovden is celebrated on February 1, but in many places in Bulgaria the holiday continues to be celebrated on the 14th day of the second month. According to folklore, St. Tryphon is the patron saint of vine growers, innkeepers and gardeners, and the folk names of the day are: Trifon Zarezan, Trifon Chipia, Zarezanovden, Trifon Pianitsa.

See how the custom is celebrated in the village of Vetrintsi and how Trifonovska stew is cooked in the village of Merdanya. The team of EurofolkTV has provided time for many songs and dances that will contribute to the festive mood.

It's worth watching!