30 January 2021

The series of overview editions of "Folklore table" TV show in January are going to end with the themes of the fourth quarter of 2020. 

The team of the show will remind us of the issues of October 2020: the interesting meeting with Mr Ivan Getsov from Belyakovets village near Veliko Tarnovo. He is a fruit grower, inherited his knowledge of growing fruit from his older relatives.

In October 2020, viewers also learned many delicious recipes but in our overview edition we will remind you how to prepare "Palneni chushki po spordzhiiski" (Stuffed peppers).

From the rich program presented in November 2020, the team chose to include the recipe of so called "Bastisano zele" (Sour cabbage). 

Our retrospective from December with sound and picture will remind how in Sushitsa they cook delicious "Popska yahnia" (Stew with prunes). 

We will take care of the mood of the audience with a lot of dances and folklore music, so it's worth watching!

In 2021, the team of the show promises to continue to search for and film the most interesting of the musical and culinary heritage of our nation.