25 January 2021

In the third January issue of "Folklore table" TV show the retrospective for 2020 continues. Video review will throwback us to parts of the shows broadcasted in July, August and September of 2020.

From the four issues of July we will broadcast now the recipe for the "Babina gozba". Main characters in it are three of the students of Vasil Levski Secondary school, Apriltsi, that provides education in cooking, catering, marketing and management. And since the recipe is among the traditional ones in Apriltsi, the girl's advisor in the preparations is Mrs. Milka Yonkova.

From August's issues, we will focus on our meeting with Petar Stanev from Veliko Tarnovo, who admitted our team to his apiary, sharing details of his work related to bee care.

We will return to the ninth month of the old year together with the stories of the hereditary gardener from Lyaskovets - Nikolay Nikolov.

In the third issue of the year we will re-present the recipe "Scrambled eggs with spinach and wild mushrooms", prepared by Ivanichka Hristova in the village of Draganovtsi, Gabrovo region.