15 January 2021

In the last edition of "Folklore table" TV show, parts from our meetings in the first three months of 2020 were broadcasted. Chronologically, our video review continues in the second January edition, which will remind us of the topics of the show from April, May and June 2020.

In the first issue of our program in April 2020 we presented to you the Folklore Festival "Mulled rakia and cabbage soup from the old table", which is held annually in the village of Babovo, Slivo Pole municipality. We broadcast the competitions - "The best mulled rakia", "The most delicious cabbage soup"; “The most authentic old-time table.” The excerpt from the selected moments will be accompanied by a lot of toasts, smiles and musical performances. 

We will remind you of a recipe from our Easter series with festive dishes, which we shot last year in the village of Karaisen, Pavlikeni municipality - chicken with roasted bulgur.  

We will focus on our visit to the town of Suhindol last May, reminding you of a recipe and a dance performed by the Dance Group "Gamzovyani" at the "Trezvenost - 1870" Community Center.  

The retrospective takes us back to June, when Dr. Iliya Valev - ethnologist at the Regional Historical Museum of Veliko Tarnovo, told about how our ancestors handled the diseases.  

Expect the second January edition of "Folklore Table" on 17.01.2021.