22 December 2020

Dear friends,

On the eve of the brightest holiday of the year, when the “badnik” (a tree branch or entire tree placed on a fire on Christmas Eve) should herald what the next 2021 will be and we tremble in anticipation of the lucky charms (fortunes) hidden inside the bread, the EurofolkTV team turns to you and your families to thank you for the vote of confidence!

The days have come when we will send the dynamic and challenging 2020 with hope and gratitude for the lessons of the experience.

In anticipation of the festive miracles, let our hearts be filled with happiness and warmth, because Christmas is a symbol of generosity, hope and humanity!

Let us together continue to preserve the eternal values, reviving the spirit of folklore with a thought for future generations in the New Year!

With the most sincere feelings we wish all of you, your relatives and the spectators good health, luck, love, understanding and successful endeavors. Make your dreams and hopes come true in a personal, professional and creative way and illuminate your hearts with peace, grace and joy!

May we be blessed!

Merry Christmas!

Peaceful, happy and prosperous New Year 2021!


Best regards,

EurofolkTV Team