16 December 2020

The camera operators of EuroFolkTV filmed the play named "Nashentsi" by Chudomir. The spectacle was presented by Children's-youth theater group "Smehoran" at "Saglasie" Community center from Debelets, Veliko Tarnovo. Artistic leader of the young actors is Mrs Sabka Ilieva. 

11 are the actors in the performance, filmed and edited by the EurofolkTV team in 13 parts.

The Chudomir's characters were presrented by: Lalyo - Georgi Kalaydzhiev; priest Stavri - Elian Bozhinov; Pavli - Kristiyan Kanchev; Tinka - Marinela Baicheva; Sabi - Martin Stoykov; Raina - Monika Boteva; Totka - Nadya Yordanova; grandmother Siya - Nadya Markova; Decho - Nikolay Vasilev; Chopanka - Plamena Radneva; Siyka - Ivana Dimova.

The idea for the film adaptation of "Nashentsi" play was realized with the kind assistance of Pchelishte Town Hall. In the village near Veliko Tarnovo was located the filming site of the project - the home of the family Marinela Andonova and Luke Randzhi.

The video will also be broadcasted on the EurofolkTV channel.