26 April 2016

Two consecutive issues of "Folklore table" show were shot by the team with kindly support of the singers from Female Vocal Group for folklore songs at "Razvitie - 1868" Community center and the secretary of the center - Antoaneta Stavreva. 

Besides being talented singers the women demonstrate very good culinary skills. While telling stories, they made Soda bread. As a main course they cooked Nettle mush and A la minute with bacon and green onion. The desserts were boiled wheat and strudel. 

What are the secrets of the ladies from Dryanovo for cooking spring dishes, you will find out only if you watch the "Folklore table" show on Saturday and Sunday - 12:00, 20:00 and 04:00h on tv.eurofolk.com.

In the show you will hear and watch a lot of songs and dances in performance of our hosts and also of Children's and Youth Dance Group "Balkandziche" from their participation in "Musical Feasts "Euro Folk"". 

The good mood is guaranteed!